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How does CampStaff EXPRESS work?
Post your job ad on CampStaffEXPRESS.com, and your ad will be included in our weekly jobs newsletter currently sent Wednesdays to over 4,000 job seekers. 
Your ad will also be posted on CampStaffExpress.com job board, as well as our social media feeds, fully searchable and accessible to the world.      

How is CampStaff EXPRESS different than being a member camp with CampStaff.com or CampStaffNurses.com?
While CampStaff and CampStaffEXPRESS both have the ability to send a single ad to thousands of users, the Direct Email feature on CampStaff and CampStaffNurses is targeted to only the fully registered candidates that match your specific job requirements (i.e., over 21 year old Waterfront Staff). A CampStaff direct email only features your camp. As an alternative way of advertising, CampStaff EXPRESS does not require interested job seekers to register a searchable profile. The newsletter goes out to all subscribers every week and includes every camp posting new ads that week.  The job seekers who find your camp on CampStaff EXPRESS will go directly to your own camp website to contact you directly, as opposed to submitting a completed CampStaff profile/application via email.  (Not a CampStaff or CampStaffNurses member? Click here to learn more)

How do you post an ad on CampStaffExpress?
To place an ad with CampStaff EXPRESS, you'll fill out this simple form. You'll include the category of the job you are advertising (general counselor, support staff, adventure, athletic, arts, performing arts, leadership, waterfront), the title of your job you are hiring for (ie.nanny, basketball coach), as well as the specifics of the job (see below for an example), and a photo or logo. We'll ask you to keep your ad to 150 words or less. Your ad will be placed in the next published weekly newsletter - published every Wednesday. 
How much does an ad cost?
The cost of CampStaff EXPRESS is $50 per ad, sent to the entire mailing list, (currently over 4,000 interested camp staff) as well as have it featured on our CampStaff EXPRESS website for one week. We accept all major credit cards.

How do you advertise for nurses?

To find great health care staff, visit our website CampStaffNurses. We provide services to three very specific groups of people: nursing students, health care workers and summer camps.

  • Both summer camps and health care staff have a convenient, one-stop, interactive location for finding or filling summer jobs

  • Universal application for staff

  • A unique profile page for each camp with photos and a direct link to camp’s website and a comprehensive list of summer jobs

  • Camps are able to send targeted emails directly to staff

  • Staff can submit job application directly to camps

CampStaff EXPRESS is a NEW job board and stream-lined e-newsletter service already subscribed to by over 4,000 potential summer camp staff. Fueled by CampStaff.com, CampStaff EXPRESS offers subscribing job seekers an alternative method to exploring opportunities for working at summer camp. 

CampStaffEXPRESS is a more traditional job board type listing with clearly defined specific job openings, taking the search responsibilities away from the job seeker and delivering concise job opportunities to hyper-busy college students and others. Job seekers without the time to fully register and actively search for jobs on CampStaff, now have an alternative to still be in the active job loop.

The folks who receive your ad are not all the same applicants who are registered with us at CampStaff and CampStaffNurses. CampStaff EXPRESS allows your camp to reach a new pool of job seekers as well as allows your ad to showcase on our EXPRESS website and social media.

Questions? Email us at staff@campstaff.com or call us at 318.264.2638